Your story ideas and column/article submissions are welcome. However, as a small organization, we are not in a position to pay for submissions.

We’re looking for:

  • Reporters covering general secular news or a particular beat;
  • Columnists offering a secular perspective on current events, philosophy, science, or other matters;
  • Editorial cartoonists; and
  • Guest columnists.

News articles should be original, and in the neighborhood of 500-600 words in length. (Sometimes there is so much information that more length is required!)

Our major sections are:

  • Events: Events of interest to our readers (anything from BoobQuake to Camp Inquiry, or anything in between);
  • Tea Party/Paliban Watch: Keeping an eye on the Tea Party, which has turned out to be a religious right-dominated movement, and the so-called “Paliban”, the Christian Taliban;
  • Culture Wars: Religion’s attempts to influence culture. Religion in the schools, religious intolerance;
  • Court Battles: Court cases and attempts to legislate morality;
  • Politics: Politicians mixing with theocrats;
  • God & Science: Evolution/Creationism, life science, science about belief/believers;
  • Views: Editorials, reviews of books, movies, etc., philosophy (including atheist/antitheist philosophy), humor/satire;
  • Woo Review: Debunking pseudoscience and New Age-type superstitious beliefs which are filling the “religious void”. Think Deepak Chopra, Oprahism, homeopathy, etc.

First, drop us a line via the Contact Form. Let us know that you want to do some writing. If you’re interested in a particular subject area, let us know that as well!

We’ll ask you to send us a writing sample. If you already have your own blog or a clippings portfolio, just point us to it and we’ll have a look.

We’ll set you up on the site (tell us what username you want). Once we’ve set you up, you can contribute articles to the main site by clicking HERE. By default, you’ll have “Contributor” status. That means that you can write posts and submit them for review.

We review, edit, and approve submitted articles daily, and have recently shifted to a once-daily publishing schedule of 5AM Eastern Time (breaking news excepted). This means we pre-schedule everything to run at that time. Why? So it’s in people’s in-boxes or on their RSS readers when they enjoy their breakfast.

Please see the ‘Author Guidelines‘ to understand what we’ll be looking for, and ‘What’s In It for Me?‘ for information about how writing for Secular News Daily can increase exposure for your work.

Welcome, and don’t forget to have fun!