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Waking from a coma!

I was listening to a Science Weekly podcast recently which got me thinking about how crap we are at predicting the future. And how this can lead to humourous situations. I remembered the excellent film Goodbye Lenin! It’s about an … Continue reading

Annie Laurie Gaylor: Oh god, just what we needed: More religion in America!

When I saw the promos for “God in America” I had the same reaction as one of our members, who e-mailed me, “Why doesn’t PBS do a series called ‘Godless in America’?”

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The Twilight series of books (and movies) by Stephanie Meyer has gained a cult-like following among young girls and housewives the world over. Many Christians think it is a bad influence; in reality, it prepares girls and young women for the ideal Christian — or Mormon — marriage.

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Bilderbergers. Trilateral Commission. Military-Industrial Complex. World leaders from Eisenhower to Bush I and Obama speak these words, issue warnings, and pronounce the three words most dreaded by conspiracy theorists: “New World Order”.

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