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Tea Party Nation:  Romney landslide!  Or not.

Tea Party Nation: Romney landslide! Or not.

On Sunday and Monday, Judson Phillips–founder of the virtual juggernaut that is the 50,000-member Tea Party Nation–made his predictions for the election. What do you think, does he have a future interpreting poll data or predicting the future?

Voter fraud?  Why, yes!

Seems the Republicans were right; there really is some election fraud going on this time around!

And they should know.

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Happy Halloween!  Beware the demon-infested candy

It’s Halloween again–or will be in a few hours–so it’s time to dust off and reprint this festive article. I much prefer it to stories about “JesusWeen”.

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Red Cross gearing up for Hurricane Sandy response; here’s how to help

While religious right zealots are blaming Hurricane Sandy on gay marriage, or atheists, or the UN, or Obama, or My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the Red Cross is sending 1,200 responders to the area, already hosting 3,000 people in shelters, and sending blood supplies from across the nation to prepare for the storm of the century. Here’s how you can help.

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Voting for Jesus?

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Voting for Jesus?

Bill Keller of LivePrayer.com thinks the choice before Americans in November is Satan vs. Satan. So, he’s encouraging voters instead to vote for Jesus . . . and over 1.2M people have signed up!

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Religious leaders respond to the rise of the “Nones”

Religion News Service has interviewed a slew of religious leaders, asking them their thoughts on the increase of non-religious Americans–now 19.6% of the population.

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Mitt Romney: ‘We’re all children of the same god’

In all the analysis of last week’s Presidential debate, something slipped through the cracks. Sure, we all saw Obama’s “professorial” demeanor. Everybody noticed that Romneybot 2000 was replaced with a Real Live Human. Romney was aggressive and combative, impressing viewers; Obama, not nearly enough. FactCheck.org told us that neither candidate told the entire truth, fact-checking […]

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Court rules failure to vaccinate children not “free exercise of religion”

The US District Court in Ohio has ruled that a parent’s refusal to vaccinate her children against diseases is not “free exercise” of religion, and amounts to neglect.

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Interview: Shirlee Babson of Real Bible Stories

I recently got the chance to chat with Shirlee Babson, creator of RealBibleStories.com, which she refers to as “Bible stories for atheists”. Shirlee explains why she thinks atheists need to read Bible stories . . . and it may not be what you expect.

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Tea Party “Stuffs” GOP

What do the Tea Party and a B movie from the ’80s have in common?

Everything except the budget.

Way back in early 2009, establishment and moderate Republicans looked at the ragtag Tea Party, clowns in tricorner hats making fools of themselves, and saw a bunch of useful idiots.

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