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SCA Morning Read 3/6/15

Religion White Christians Are Now A Minority In 19 American States — Including Some Parts Of The Bible Belt       The Huffington Post - 03/05/2015 …nation. Part of this shift is due to the growing number of religiously unaffiliated Americans, now at 22 percent nationally and 34 percent of young… +MORE Leaders Of The Mormon Church Endorse LGBT Protection Laws       […]

SCA Morning Read 3/5/15

Politics Gay man appointed first-ever envoy for LGBT rights       The Bay Area Reporter - 03/04/2015 Gay man appointed first-ever envoy for LGBT rights A gay man has been named the first-ever special envoy for LGBT rights by Secretary of State… +MORE Ben Carson Apologizes For Saying Prisons Prove Being Gay Is A Choice       The Huffington Post - 03/04/2015 …well as the […]

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SCA Morning Read 3/4/15

SCA News Proposed Tax Break for Religious Groups Protested at Arizona Capitol       Phoenix New Times - 03/04/2015 Tory Anderson, a lobbyist for the Secular Coalition for Arizona — the group that was protesting today — told New Times today that she believes one of the senators who voted for the bill last year will be voting […]

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SCA Morning Read 3/3/15

Courts Humanist inmate files discrimination suit       Your Daily Journal - 03/02/2015 …County facility. The lawsuit names inmate Kwame Jamal Teague and the American HumanistAssociation as plaintiffs, and the defendants include N.C. +MORE Education Did South Carolina’s Erskine College Ban Homosexuality After Two Student Athletes Came Out?       Latin Post - 03/02/2015 …said, adding that the school had taken a step back […]

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SCA Morning Read 3/2/15

Secularism Richard Dawkins: Science has evolved faster than human mind’s ability to understand it       CNMnewz.com - 03/01/2015 …interview with Television Four, British evolutionary biologist and noted atheist Richard Dawkins explained that the main reason that In an interview… +MORE New helpline for people wrestling with religion, suffering from loss of faith       Fox6now.com - 02/28/2015 …from the expected kind of […]

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SCA Morning Read 2/27/15

Education Bible camper evicted from Hudsonville elementary schools       WZZM 13 - 02/26/2015 Bible camper evicted from Hudsonville elementary schools HUDSONVILLE, Mich. HUDSONVILLE, Mich. (WZZM) — Complaints about a camper, belonging… +MORE Member Orgs What’s the Atheists’ Agenda?       1240 WJIM - 02/26/2015 …Atheists Agenda? Today, I interviewed the legal director of the American Humanist Association (an atheist group), David Niose, concerning what… +MORE […]

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SCA Morning Read 2/26/15

Politics Illinois professor could help Utah draft religious liberty, nondiscrimination bill       Deseret News - 02/25/2015 Illinois professor could help Utah draft religious liberty, nondiscrimination bill SALT LAKE CITY A well-respected University of Illinois law… +MORE Secularism Atheist Opens ‘Reason Station’ Next to Prayer Booth       Charisma News - 02/25/2015 Atheist Opens ‘Reason Station’ Next to Prayer Booth A federal judge has […]

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SCA Morning Read 2/25/15

Courts Christian Florist Who Refused Gay-Wedding Rejects State’s Settlement Deal, Defends Her Rights to Religious Freedom       The Gospel Herald - 02/24/2015 …State’s Settlement Deal, Defends Her Rights to Religious Freedom Washington state florist Barronelle Stutzman defended her decision on refusing… +MORE Former employee suing Costco for religious discrimination       ABC7 Eyewitness News - 02/24/2015 Former employee suing Costco for religious discrimination Costco — closed Thanksgiving […]

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SCA Morning Read 2/20/15

Secularism 21 Things You Should Never Say To An Atheist       BuzzFeed - 02/19/2015 21 Things You Should Never Say To An Atheist Warning: You re going to hell just for reading this. How can atheists even have morals? Because… +MORE Courts Florist Who Refused to Work Gay Wedding to Appeal Court Ruling       Newsmax - 02/19/2015 …Stutzman’s actions were protected […]

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SCA Morning Read 2/19/15

Politics Religion should not be a prerequisite for public office       The Pitt News - 02/18/2015 …should we care whether our president is Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist or something else? The National Prayer Breakfast, though well meaning, +MORE Discrimination Pediatrician won’t treat baby with 2 moms       KYTX CBS 19 - 02/18/2015 Mich., are going public with their story to raise […]

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