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Presidential scorecard by religiously unaffliated yields no ‘clear-cut option’

In October, the Secular Coalition for America released the 2012 Presidential Candidate Scorecard, which rates each of the presidential candidates on issues important to the secular community. Included in the scorecard were the Republican and Democratic candidates, as well as two third-party candidates that are on the ballot in enough states to amass the required 270 electoral votes to be elected president.

Atheists grade presidential candidates: A choice of lesser evils

The Secular Coalition for America yesterday released its 2012 Presidential Candidate Scorecard for the general election–a guide for secular-minded Americans on the presidential candidates in the upcoming election.

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NPR brought Jill Stein (Green Party) and Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) on for a debate of their own.

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Is Gary Johnson the most experienced Presidential candidate?

If you’re looking for executive experience, yes. He served two terms as governor, more than Romney’s single term, and more than Obama’s single term as President.

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Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson drew 7% support in a recent poll in Colorado . . . a state where the Libertarian candidate typically has a hard time drawing 1%. And most of his support appears to come from Romney’s side.

Could Johnson be the spoiler Obama is looking for?

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