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Fundamentalists target churches for 2014 elections

We’re just a few months removed from the 2012 elections, and the Religious Right is already hard at work trying to lure churches into partisan politics for the 2014 elections.

In 2010, the “Quicksand” . . . er, “Touchdown Jesus” statue in Ohio was struck by lightning and destroyed in the ensuing blaze, an event some viewed as the wrath of Thor.

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Why won’t Inland Revenue subsidise my life expenses?

Did you know that humanists, atheists, and everyone else in the US subsidizes the lifestyles of religious leaders–through their tax dollars–to the tune of at least $71B annually?

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Church Politicking Bill Introduced in the House

Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) recently introduced H.R. 3600, “To restore the Free Speech and First Amendment rights of churches and exempt organizations by repealing the 1954 Johnson Amendment.”

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Congressional Hearing Takes the Wrong Approach on “Politicization” of Government Grants

Last Thursday the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a hearing titled “HHS and the Catholic Church: Examining the Politicization of Grants.” On the surface, holding this hearing sounds like something AU would fully support. However, once again those on the Right have managed to spin things to appear like powerful majority groups are the ones persistently suffering from religious discrimination.

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Pulpit Perfidy: More misinformation in the wake of ‘Pulpit Freedom Sunday’

The ADF hates the Johnson Amendment and hopes Pulpit Freedom Sunday will goad the IRS into fining a church or even revoking the tax exemption of one, thus setting up a legal challenge in which the ADF would try to overturn the law on free-speech grounds.

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Columbus church must “render unto Caesar”

A decision by Christ Cathedral Church of Columbus, Ohio to remove a Freedom From Religion Foundation billboard has had expensive consequences for the church.

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