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Government launches action plan on witchcraft-based child abuse

The Government has announced an action plan to tackle the ‘wall of silence’ around the abuse of children accused of witchcraft.

So you think science has a problem?

There are a number of opinion piece writers, usually  philosophers of religion or accomadationist atheist philosophers who really hate  today’s vocal atheists. Particularly if those atheists are also scientists. They often pretend to be concerned about the reputation of science. … Continue reading

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Giant’s Causeway: Science is more awe-inspiring than myth

The new visitor center for the Giant’s Causeway presents the scientific theory about its creation and the region’s folklore . . . and adds in Young Earth Creationist claptrap not as another myth, but as an alternative to “mainstream science”.

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A feature in today’s Guardian explores Steiner education, including the prospect of state-funded Steiner Free Schools. The British Humanist Association (BHA) has drawn attention to the link between Steiner schools and Anthroposophy, also known as ‘spiritual science’.

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Catholics in Mumbai are outraged at a skeptic who pointed out that their latest miracle was full of it . . . literally.

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Cannibalicious!  South Korean officials find 17,000 capsules of powdered human baby

Did you ever ask whether baby powder was “made with real babies”?

Seems some people believe that baby corpses have magical healing and vitality-enhancing powers. They are selling powdered baby capsules.

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What won’t some folks try: Lawsuit over ‘haunted house’

A couple renting a house in Toms River, NJ, are suing their landlord over claims that the house they rented from him is haunted.

No, really.

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Japan earthquake: Sign of the end times?

Is the 8.9 quake in Japan a sign of the end times? Some Religious Rightists and 2012′ers hope so.

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May 21, 2011 church spams Washington Post article about end of world

Their leader, broadcaster Harold Camping, has determined that May 21, 2011 will be the Rapture. They show their support by spamming newspapers.

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Lucky Charms: They’re magically effective

Disturbing leprechaun notwithstanding, researchers have discovered that lucky charms and superstitions actually work. Well, sometimes.

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