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Iranian Cleric: Earthquakes caused by adultery, not by Deepak Chopra

An Iranian cleric, clearly trying to draw attention away from powerful psychic Deepak Chopra, has asserted that burqa-free women cause earthquakes.

Deepak Chopra Claims He Caused Baja Quake by Meditating

Deepak Chopra, woo guru extraordinaire, accepted blame for the 7.2-magnitude earthquake in Baja California via Twitter. Seriously.

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Speaking in Tongues: God’s Gift of Gibberish?

For decades, “speaking in tongues” has been the butt of jokes. Now, a leading Evangelical asks Christians to take this nonsensical jibber-jabber seriously . . . and a growing number already do.

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Italian Exorcist: Satanists Have Infiltrated Vatican

The bizarre flights of persecutory fantasy for which the religious are noted have taken a new twist. A famed Italian exorcist claims that there are Satanic sects in the Vatican, including members of the College of Cardinals.

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A Goat a Day Keeps the Evil Away: Pakistan’s President and His Addiction to Sacrifices

The President of Pakistan has a black goat slaughtered at his house nearly every day as protection from “black magic”. Apparently, his imaginary friend needs daily appeasement?

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Laura Silsby’s Messiah Complex, Part II

Laura Silsby, not content illegally transporting Haitian kids, tried to kidnap adopted kids of American couple . . . While the father was in Haiti to get them.

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Laura Silsby’s Messiah Complex

Laura Silsby, leader of the group of American Baptists arrested for illegally attempting to take Haitian children to the Dominican Republic, appears to suffer from delusions of grandeur and a messiah complex.

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Pareidolia Strikes Again – Face of Jesus Everywhere

Jesus and Mary had a busy year in 2009. No matter where you looked, they were popping up in the most unexpected places! Let’s review some of the Jesus and Mary sightings.

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Many — myself included — were horrified to hear Pat Robertson’s callous words about Haiti, which he used to assert the power of his preferred all-powerful, all-loving deity over that of Haitian voodoo practitioners. One Christian blogger asserts that Robertson is Biblically correct, whether there was a “pact with the devil” or not. And many consider this the least bizarre theory behind the quake.

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“A Holy Dip During the Solar Eclipse . . . Can Gain Salvation”

Those are the words of a Hindu priest, explaining how special January 15th’s solar eclipse (visible in southern India and other parts of the Eastern Hemisphere) is. Yes, doing a cannonball into the Ganges River while the moon is located between you and the sun can gain you eternal salvation.

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