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Church and Freedom from Depression: Cause or Effect?

Church and Freedom from Depression: Cause or Effect?

That churchgoers in the USA are less likely to be depressed than non-Churchgoers is pretty well established now. However, what’s always been unclear is whether this is down to cause or effect.

The [in]compatibility of science and religion

There have been several books lately promoting the idea the religion and science are compatible – or at least challenging any suggestion that they might be incompatible. Of course, these were written by advocates of religion.

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If religion makes you happy, why are people turning away from it?

Every now and then a study comes along that cuts with laser-like precision into one or two of the murky questions that haunt the sociology of religion. Here’s one.

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Pint-sized preacher: Divinely inspired or carefully coached?

Child preacher Kanon Tipton has been receiving a lot of attention for his spirited sermons at his father’s Pentecostal church in Mississippi.  His parents claim “the hand of God is on him in a special way,” but I am skeptical.

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Answering questions on morality

Ken Perrott takes the opportunity to answer questions on his latest string of articles on human morality.

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Problems with philosophers and theologians

Local Christian apologists have tried to outdo each other with their partisan reviews of the recent debates between their hero, WL Craig, and Lawrence Krauss and Sam Harris. Interesting that they feel the need to debate scientists to justify their god beliefs.

However, Matt Flannagan, from the blog MandM, provided a nice little example of the sort of circular arguments theologians get into in their attempts to offer a divine foundation for human morality.

Find out what circular arguments Ken is talking about, here on Secular News Daily.

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Ken Perrott writes: We may be seeing the beginning of a new wave of popular science books on morality. Sam Harris‘s The Moral Landscape got wide coverage and sparked several high-profile debates on the subject.

Now we have Patricia Churchland‘s new book Braintrust: What Neuroscience Tells Us about Morality. This came out at the end of March and I got my copy the other day. I have just read Chapter 1 and feel this will be an important book. In many ways it will probably complement The Moral Landscape because it deals clearly with some of the critiques made of Sam’s approach. Particularly those made by scientists and non-religious philosophers.

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Neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris spoke last night alongside Professor Richard Dawkins to a packed Sheldonian theatre in Oxford about the argument made in his new book The Moral Landscape. The event, co-hosted by the BHA, was chaired by Stephen…

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Creationism/ID proponents cry discrimination, but heartened by UK “free” schools

Andrew Zak Williams spoke with Intelligent Design proponents Michael Behe and Steve Fuller, and former Royal Society Director of Education Michael Reiss, about the UK’s plan to allow “free” schools to teach ID and Creationism in science class.

See what they had to say, here on Secular News Daily.

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Craig brings some clarity to morality?

Interesting! Is there a second wave of interest in Sam Harris’s ideas on human morality?

Sure, many religious apologists really didn’t want to challenge these ideas until WL Craig had said his bit – preferably by way of a debate with Harris. And they got that debate a few days back. But that is hardly serious – they are reacting more like faithful fans at a boxing match. A common problem with debates. Even Craig appears to have a realistic understanding of his cheerleaders (although he attributes the phenomenon to “the free thought subculture” and not his own fans).

But I wonder if that debate might have initiated some rethinking by some of Sam’s original nonreligious critics.

Find out what Ken Perrott means, here at Secular News Daily.

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