In a secular society, government is neutral toward religion; not only is no particular sect promoted, but religious belief in general is neither promoted nor stifled. Religion in a secular society is a private matter, not the basis for legislation.

The result? True religious liberty for all, regardless of religious belief — or nonbelief.

Secular News Daily’s mission is to keep you informed about progress toward — and away from — a secular society, in the US and internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this site for atheists or other nonbelievers only?

No. While the majority of our contributors and readers are non-religious, we recognize that a truly secular society will come only through the overwhelming majority in the culture valuing and desiring it. That means building coalitions with people who may not share religious beliefs, but who do share the crucial goal of a secular society in which people of all — or no — faiths can live together peacefully.

We do agree that court cases are necessary at the present time, and support the organizations that stand up for religious liberty in the United States. Those organizations include, but are not limited to, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty.

Then why do you run those “Atheist Cartoons”?

We, and most of our readers, find them entertaining and thought-provoking. We do not run all cartoons made available by AtheistCartoons; we perceive that some may be more likely to offend than to provoke thought and discussion, and take a pass on those.

We recognize that some readers will find anything which questions their belief system offensive; if this describes you, we recommend reading only the News section of this site. You may also be offended by many of the opinions expressed by columnists and by commenters.

I don’t see a lot of articles about Muslim religious figures and politics. Why is that?

The majority of our contributors (and audience) are located in North America. The majority of articles, then, are about religion and politics in North America. Islam does not have a significant political presence in North America.

The next largest group of contributors (and audience) are in the UK, and after that, Australia/New Zealand. We simply do not have contributors or much of an audience in Muslim nations.

That said, we do recognize that there are many issues of interest, and Islam (particularly Islam as a political ideology, often called “Islamism”) is one of them. We have recently added an “Islam” category to the navigation bar to help you quickly find articles and columns focused on Islam-related issues.

If you are interested in writing articles or columns you believe fit the mission of this site (as noted above) which address Islam or politics in Muslim nations, please drop a line via the Contact Form!

Can I reprint your content?

There are three types of content on Secular News Daily:

  • Original content, by Mike Daniels, Jenny Donati, or columnists: Items by Mike Daniels or Jenny Donati may be reprinted with permission only, consistent with our Reprint Policy. (What? There’s no link? Then the page hasn’t been created yet. Use the Contact Form. If permission is not obtained, please confine reproduction of content to credited excerpts, consistent with Section 107 of US Copyright Law.Content written by columnists is licensed to Secular News Daily for our distribution, but copyright is held by the author. We are not authorized to grant you permission to reproduce their work. We are happy to put you in touch with a contributor if you wish to reprint a contributor’s work; drop us a line via the Contact Form.
  • Press Releases. These items (which will always be in the “Secular Press Releases” or “Religious Press Releases” category) are released by the organizations to the media for reprinting. You may reprint these items at will.
  • Content printed by permission. From time to time, we reproduce certain content from Americans United, Freedom From Religion Foundation, Right Wing Watch, and other organizations or individuals. These items are reprinted by permission. We are not authorized to permit you to reproduce these items; please contact the organization or author for permission.

You’ve reprinted my content without my permission!

We do, from time to time, reproduce excerpts from news articles, blogs, and other sources in the interest of informing our readers of issues of interest to them. We do not reproduce entire articles without permission. We credit the source for material used. We believe that our use of copyrighted material in this manner falls under Fair Use, as described in Section 107 of US Copyright Law.

If you believe we have violated your copyright, please contact us via the Contact Form. Explain which content you believe is under your copyright. In order to register a complaint, you must either be the copyright holder or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the copyright holder.

We will address any complaint of copyright infringement as soon as practicable, and remove any content we believe to be inappropriately posted on this site.