A Thank You From Our Summer Interns


I’m Kate Donovan, one of the the Secular Student Alliance's summer interns! It’s nearly time for school to start again, and as our campus affiliates are gearing up for an action-packed year, our summer internships are wrapping up. With my own time interning at the SSA coming to a close, I wanted to tell you more about what the summer meant to us.

SSA's 2013 summer interns Liz Dudek, Kate Donovan, and Tori Rehr

As our communications intern this summer, I got to write press releases, learned how to reach out to journalists and bloggers, and improved our use of social media. If you’ve interacted with the Secular Student Alliance on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve been talking to me!

Tori Rehr, our summer resource development intern, led the charge to overhaul our online affiliate support, making sure that our students have the information they need. Now, students have centralized materials to help them with things like problem-solving, leadership transitions, and capitalizing on advertising momentum. When students have questions about anything from preventing burnout to dealing with hostile communities, she’s made it easy to find the answers. The list is extensive; you can check out the work she did here!

Liz Dudek, our summer design intern, compiled the popular conference books for our annual Leadership Conference both in Las Vegas and Columbusassembling more than fifty pages of speaker bios, maps, food recommendations, and conference information for each. As if that wasn’t a Herculean task, she also designed projects like the Secular Public High School Student’s Bill of Rights, the first product of our new partnership with the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

It’s been fantastic working in the office as a member of the SSA’s team, but the benefits don’t end when the internship does. Not only does the program generate new resources, infrastructure, and outreach, it also develops leaders in the movement! Both of last year’s interns now have jobs in secularismDave Muscato is the Public Relations Director for American Atheists, and Ellen Lundgren is one of our new Regional Campus Organizers.

Your generosity made this experience possible for Tori, Liz, and me, and in turn, for us to work to make a difference in the secular community. As students ourselves, it’s especially wonderful to be giving back to the community that has given us so much.

Thank you!


Kate Donovan
Communications Intern
Secular Student Alliance
P.O. Box 2371
Columbus, OH 43216
614-441-9588 x 101 (office)
877-842-9474 (fax)

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