Morning Read for May 30, 2013

Voices in the Movement
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: The Problem of Muslim Leadership (The Wall Street Journal)
Another Islamist terror attack, another round of assurances that it had nothing to do with the religion of peace.

Meet Robert Ingersoll, America’s most famous forgotten atheist (Religion News Service)
Have you heard of him? A self-educated attorney and atheist, Ingersoll was a Victorian-era rock star who could pack theaters from Texas to New York with people who came from hundreds of miles around to hear “The Great Agnostic” lecture against religion.Morning Read

Religious Trends
Latinas Coming Out of the Closet … As Atheists (Latina)
For Hispanics, breaking away from religion is harder than usual. Psychologist attributes the new change in beliefs to the growing generational gap between older religious Latinos and their children. Polling reveals the shrinking Catholic Hispanic population.

Most Americans Say Religion Is Losing Influence in U.S. (Gallup Politics)
Over three-quarters of Americans (77%) say religion is losing its influence on American life, while 20% say religion’s influence is increasing.

Idaho Sheriff: Sponsoring Boy Scout troop should stop because sodomy is illegal (God Discussion)
Sheriff Ben Wolfinger of Kootenai County, Idaho has stated his wish to drop his department’s sponsorship of a local Boy Scout group, citing the BSA supporting a ‘lifestyle’ that is still illegal in his state.

Nebraska Republican Senator mansplains how women don’t understand themselves. (God Discussion)
“Driven” by his Christian faith, pro-life Nebraska Republican Senator, Bill Kintner says ‘Women Don’t Understand Themselves’ in his own words.

First same-sex couple to wed in France (God Discussion)
The office of the Mayor in Montpellier will officiate the marriage of Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau in front of some five hundred guests.

Religious freedom under attack (Los Angeles Times)
Violations of religious liberties have increased in some areas of the world, a U.S. State Department report says, singling out Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, even Belgium.

Lacking recognition, Italy’s Muslims face an uncertain future (Religion News Service)
In a country dominated by Roman Catholics, Muslims make up Italy’s second-largest religious group.  However, having more adherents than several faiths with official status — including Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism — Islam is not an officially recognized religion in Italy.

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