Secular Coalition: Our Hearts go out to Bombing Victims in Boston Marathon

WASHINGTON, DC -- The Secular Coalition for America today expressed condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the bombings and well wishes for victims who were injured in the attack.

"Our hearts go out to the victims, their families and to all of those affected by this senseless act of violence," said Edwina Rogers, Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America.

The nontheist community in Boston has been working hard to help those affected, including raising nearly $160,000 to assist victims. Rogers noted that at least two of the victims were part of the humanist community in the greater Boston area, Celeste Corcoran of Lowell, Massachusetts, who lost both her legs at the knees in one of the bomb blasts and her 18 year-old daughter, Sydney, who suffered severe injuries as a result of being hit by shrapnel., the Boston Atheists, the Humanist Community at Harvard, and the Secular Coalition for Massachusetts have raised over $20,000 to assist victims. A fund established to help Celeste and Sydney has raised nearly $140,000.

Rogers said the nontheist community is eager to be a part of the interfaith services and other memorials, vigils and community events honoring the victims--not only to support and represent several of the victims who are part of the nontheist community in Boston, but also in a show of solidarity with the greater-Boston community as a whole.

 "The tragic events on Monday affected people of many different faiths and none," Rogers said. "In times like these, it's important that people from all walks of life and religious perspectives band together as a community and do what we can to help those in need."



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