Change is in the air . . . A new owner for Secular News Daily

It has been a good four-year run, but it’s time for me to pass the torch off to someone who can grow this site to its full potential, and invest my own time in other projects.

I considered selling the domain name, but have invested too much time, effort, and money to see the site become a platform for somebody to rant (quite possibly with poor grammar!) or to sell adult videos. Instead, I decided to seek out a secular nonprofit organization interested in growing its web presence. I think I’ve found a good match, and hope you will agree.

Effective March 15, 2013, Secular News Daily will be owned and operated by the Secular Coalition for America. They have some exciting ideas for the site, and I look forward to seeing what they do!

4 Responses to Change is in the air . . . A new owner for Secular News Daily

  1. Thanks for bringing a great service for many years; sad it goes to the US though, strikes me that likely that it will just become another amocentric nothingness, sad! Perhaps they will surprise me and take a global perspective…

  2. Hi, Colin! Glad the site has been useful to you. FYI, I’m an American citizen, and this site has always been based in the US. I’m sure the Secular Coalition for America will wish to coordinate with the National Secular Society, British Humanist Association, and other organizations outside the US.

  3. Grow it to its full potential means “kill it”?

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