Would you vote for an atheist?

NPR reports on a series of studies about atheists. The results aren’t good, but they’re less bad than in the past.

Why are atheists so conspicuously absent from our nation’s elected positions of power?

A 2007 poll of American adults found that only 45 percent would vote for a "generally well-qualified" presidential candidate nominated by their party who happened to be an atheist. The numbers were considerably more favorable for hypothetical candidates who happened to be black (94 percent), Jewish (92 percent), women (88 percent), Hispanic (87 percent), Mormon (72 percent) or homosexual (55 percent).

In another national survey, respondents considered how much members of various groups agreed with their "vision of American society." A whopping 39.6 percent indicated that atheists agreed with their vision "not at all," eschewing moderate options like "mostly" and "somewhat." Respondents chose "not at all" less often for every other group considered

6 Responses to Would you vote for an atheist?

  1. I would be more apt to believe someone who says that they are an atheist over someone who says they are a christian in this country at this time.

  2. As long as they’re (and i mean anyone here) not trying to impose their religious beliefs or lack thereof on anyone via the government and as long as I think the person would do a good job I don’t really care what their personal religious beliefs or lack thereof are. To quote Thomas Jefferson: But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg

  3. avatar Todd MichaeL Wiseman

    Most certainly and absolutely NOT, no human being on planet earth would EVER vote for a un-believer who denies GOD our Father creator of all , I can assure you of this , NO atheist sinner will EVER make it into the kingdom of Heaven, when they die they WILL GO BEFORE GOD and have to explain why they knowingly and willfully chose to deny his most righteous existence , only then will they truly be cast into eternal hellfire and brimstone where they will be tortured for all eternity and beyond for NOT BELIEVING GOD IS REAL and that GOD HAS TOTAL AUTHORITY OVER THEM from their birth to their end , which could have been heavenly treasure and good happy times if THEY HAD ONLY BELIEVED IN GOD, but in their pompous sinful ways they chose to rebel against GOD even as Lucifer did in his failed massive ego attempt, therefore they will punished accordingly by being set to hell where they can hang out with the devil and all the homos and evil souls all they want, while all the good and decent people will be having fun in Heaven, all the righteous souls who KNOW THAT REAL AND LEGITIMATE MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN AS IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN SINCE THE DAWN OF CREATION AND ALWAYS WILL BE UNTIL THE END OF ALL ETERNITY.

    • The Prime Minister of Australia is an atheist. Hmm, seems some humans would vote for nonbelievers. As for marriage, which type of Biblical marriage do you prefer for yourself and your daughter?

    • Todd, stop being a hateful jackass in God’s name. An atheist will get into heaven before you simply because an atheist doesn’t use God as a weapon to fear, hate and attack people with.

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