Exodus International: Nah, we can’t cure homosexuality, who told you that?

Exodus International president Alan Chambers announced this week that the organization, known for decades as the go-to for the “reparative therapy” cure for homosexuality, was giving up on silly things like reparative therapy and curing homosexuality. Because, you see, they don’t work.

Chambers spoke to the Christian Post on Thursday:

Chambers told The Christian Post on Thursday that reparative therapy, which seeks to “cure” SSA [Same-Sex Attraction] through activities like counseling and prayer, sets the person seeking therapy up for failure by giving him or her unrealistic expectations.

“As the president of Exodus International and, even more than that, as a Christian leader who is out in front of people all the time, it is my responsibility to lead honestly and transparently and to share with people that, just because you become a Christian,…your struggles don’t always go away,” he said. “You don’t get to a place where you’re never going to be tempted again.”

. . .

He has a great deal of understanding when it comes to dealing with SSA because as a young adult he chose to pursue Christ instead of his homosexual urges, and today he is married and has two children. (Emphasis added -MD)

Although he has personally experienced much freedom through Christ, he says he would not be honest if he pretended that he isn’t still tempted by the same sex at times.

Exodus International has long been criticized for its low self-reported “success” rate, and its unwillingness to use objective testing to determine whether an actual change of sexual orientation had taken place in any of its victims . . . er, clients.

Chambers has been president of Exodus International since 2001, but only in recent days, since it has been thoroughly discredited and even banned in some countries, has he decided that so-called “reparative therapy” doesn’t actually work.

This is a big change from his long-ago assertions (May 2011) that anti-bullying messages to reduce LGBT suicides were sending a horrible message:

Google Chrome featured the anti-bullying “It Gets Better Project” in its new ad, and now the ex-gay ministry Exodus International is outraged. Alan Chambers, the president of Exodus, is upset that Woody from Toy Story is featured in Google’s ad sending an anti-suicide message to bullied LGBT youth, with Woody saying, “you’ll be fine, partner.” Chambers condemns the ad, which also includes stories from celebrities, a police officer and gay parents, in The Christian Post, saying that the answer to anti-gay bullying is for gay youth to become “ex-gays” like him:

Children all over the world, including my two children are fans of ‘Toy Story’ and to see a character like that endorsing something that at this point children have no need to know about, it’s disappointing,” he told The Christian Post.

Chambers, who overcame homosexuality and is now a father of two, suspects that if the commercial airs while he and his children are watching a show and “if they happen to see that and ask questions and if they get the full understanding of what the commercial is actually about, we will have to have the conversation. It’s not something I plan to talk to my kids, 5 and 6, about.”

“For organizations like Exodus International, which has thousands of men and women like me who have lived a gay life, it obviously didn’t get better living a gay life for them. I would say that today it has become radically better,” he said.

“I think that we have to promote the stories of people who have found an alternative to homosexuality but I think that at the same time the church has to do a better job at addressing issues related to bullying and violence and how kids have been treated at public schools.”

(Emphasis added. -MD)

I find it particularly interesting that the Christian Post always refers to Chambers as a “father of two”, as though it were evidence of his heterosexuality, and proof that he copulated on at least two occasions with his wife.

His children are adopted; no copulation required.

It took not only his own years of inability to “pray away the gay” but also the banning of the treatment in some countries for Chambers to realize that his god won’t make people “un-gay”. I wonder what it will take for him to figure out that the world isn’t flat.

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