Teacher Terminated: University prof who complained about crosses is cut

When Sissy Bradford stood up for the Constitution, she was rewarded with intimidation and death threats. 

Bradford, an adjunct criminology professor at Texas A&M University-San Antonio, complained in 2011 about a taxpayer-funded tower featuring four Christian crosses being built near the entrance to the campus. The tower was on private land, but it was built with city funds, featured the university seal and was on track to someday become the property of the public school.

Thanks to her protest and a letter from the Americans United Legal Department, the crosses were subsequently removed. That should have been the end of the story, except it wasn’t.

Although she was scheduled to teach four classes in the fall, Bradford was informed by the university on May 16 that her services would no longer be needed. No reason was given, according to the San Antonio Current.

This development comes after Bradford had been subjected to months of vicious backlash from cross defenders. The Current reports that Bradford received an email on Nov. 27 that asked, “As a professor, do you have the right to live?” Another email called Bradford the offspring of Satan and suggested she marry Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Things got so bad that Bradford asked campus police to protect her, but her requests were ignored. (The university declined to comment on the matter). According to the local paper, she later complained to Texas A&M at College Station, which allowed her to file a statement with university police on Dec. 5.

In that statement, Bradford said: “I am being stalked & harassed & threatened by student(s) & community members because I am not a Christian. There exists a clear & prolonged pattern of unwanted communication, contact, threats, & invasion of privacy.”

The Current learned that school police did open an investigation, but closed it without taking any action.

To take up the slack, students loyal to Bradford began escorting her to her car, according to the news report. But soon even Bradford’s supporters came under fire from cross defenders. When Kirsten Verdi, who has since graduated from Texas A&M-San Antonio, defended Bradford in class, another student told her, “You need to be beaten,” according to the Current.  

Although Bradford is no longer a university employee, she continues to be a target of hatred. Commenters leaving messages on the Current article within the last week said things like:

“Professor Bradford is stupid for debating over a cross. If she does not like it, she should get another job. That is good that she felt harassed [sic] after that email because that is the same way we as Christians felt. Welcome to our world. I feel bad for you Sissy Bradford.”

Bradford was brave to take an unpopular stand on behalf of church-state separation in a community where many clearly feel very strongly about religion. She risked her job to stand up for religious liberty, and instead of getting a gold medal, she ended up with a pink slip. That’s just plain wrong.

Prof. Bradford, we salute your courage and your commitment to the Constitution. And university officials should be ashamed of themselves for the action they have taken.

Note: For more information on Ms. Bradford’s experiences at A&M, check out this article at the San Antonio Current. -MD

57 Responses to Teacher Terminated: University prof who complained about crosses is cut

  1. Founding fathers: Our people came to this land to escape religious persecution and intolerance of a controlling system of inbred rich people known as royalty. This nation shall respect no establishment of religion. Ultraconservatives: We will control women’s rights, gay rights, and anything else in the name of our religion. The government should be respectful of those with great wealth from pure-blooded families. This nation was founded on Christian values! Basically, conservatives are undoing everything this country fought to become. They want royalty status for the rich and intolerant, they want no mercy for the poor (not even a fair chance from equal-opportunity charity through social programs), and a “norm” of White, English-speaking Christians. What the heck are they thinking?

  2. Christian Crosses? Really? I guess any cross now is considered a “Christian Cross”…. idiots…

  3. Religion, greatest joke of all time.

  4. Christians making death threats, don’t you just love it !!! It just shows how backwards they are. They have no idea what they believe in. They are completely brainwashed, radical and extreme – The American Taliban.

    • I don’t love it. I have been told many times to leave this country,where I was born, by religious zealots who think that if you don’t believe as they do you should not be here. Prejudicial, bigoted, hateful Christians. Now I know that there are many who are not,unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t seem that way.

  5. Christians are stupid and weird.

  6. Ok first of all, not all Christians act this way. who are you to judge the whole as one… i dk about anyone else and can only speak for myself but i dont judge satanic people or wickens or atheists… u believe what you believe… a cross doesn’t mean it is a christian symbol… the cross stands for the price the Jesus paid for your sins to be washed away with just one prayer…. not tacky u tard! Christians are stupid and weird….hmmmm what a delightful concept please elaborate such a theory… true Christians have a focus and a goal in life. So please take a second and before u say what you think….. think or you can just shut the hell up.

    • Jesus did not pay for anyone’s sins to be washed away. Jesus is part of an elaborate story told to people by the priests to keep them in line. Hell also does not exist though many religious people try to make it exist here on earth. As for your shut the hell up comment see the previous sentence.

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