AFA reveals God’s warning to Home Depot

You’ll recall that a few months ago, Lowe’s caved to a Christian Right demand that they stop advertising on “All American Muslim”, a reality show about several American Muslim families. Meanwhile, Home Depot has been the subject of a two-year boycott by the American Family Association for its commitment to diversity.

The results? Over the last quarter, Home Depot has continued to outpace Lowe’s. In reports released yesterday, Depot saw same-store sales increase by 6.1%, while Lowe’s saw same-store sales rise by only 2.6%. Read more about Christian Right-kowtowing Lowe’s vs. diversity-celebrating Home Depot HERE.

But despite the miserable failure of AFA’s boycott, they continue to warn that Home Depot is going to face the wrath of their preferred all-powerful deity soon, real soon . . . -MD

For nearly two years now, the American Family Association has been leading a boycott against Home Depot because the company has "given its financial and corporate support to open displays of homosexual activism on main streets in America’s towns."

As part of this campaign, representatives from the AFA attend Home Depot board meetings in order to demand that the company "remain neutral in the culture war" if it wants the AFA to call off the boycott.  So far, the AFA has not had much luck, but representatives continue to attend these meetings, as Randy Sharp, AFA’s Director of Special projects, did last week.

Sharp reported that he had an opportunity to speak briefly with Home Depot Chairman Frank Blake  and demand that he agree to meet face-to-face with representatives of the right-wing group for an hour so that the AFA can make its case, but that he received no such commitment.

Sharp went on to reveal that he was not alone in attacking Home Depot for its support for equality at the board meeting, as a Bishop Robert Smith of Little Rock, Arkansas was also present and delivered a message claiming that Home Depot had become "Home Despot"  and warning that if it continued on this path, God would no longer bless the company or its shareholders. 

Both Bryan Fischer and Sharp agreed that this was a prophetic word for Home Depot that "came directly from God": 

UPDATE: The AFA has now posted audio of the remarks delivered by both Sharp and Smith at the board meeting, where Smith stated that God told him that "Home Depot was raised up to be an eagle with wings to bear up Israel in the time of trouble":

Well, that’s rather confusing, isn’t it? HD will “bear up Israel”, yet will also face the wrath of the same god that supposedly has chosen HD to . . . um . . . AFA’s right hand, meet AFA’s left hand. You might want to coordinate better. -MD

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