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Mitt Romney

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Latest: 5/9/2012
Latest: 5/9/2012
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Former governor of Massachusetts, Romney is generally viewed as a moderate. Tea Party Nation’s Judson Phillips and his followers see Romney as a flip-flopper, and as not merely a RINO — which, frankly, Phillips calls anyone who does not fully embrace the Tea Party’s radical, anti-liberty, anti-diversity, anti-poor, anti-American stance — but a closet Democrat:

Romney was for socialized medicine before he was against it and now we aren’t even sure he is against it. He was for abortion before he was against it. He was for gay rights before he was against it.

All we need to do is deport Mitt Romney to the Democratic Party, where he will be right at home.

Despite sharing belief in human-influenced global warming with many Democrats, Romney has — as Phillips points out — come out against gay rights, against reproductive rights, and against ObamaCare, practically a line-for-line national version of Massachusetts’ RomneyCare.

Romney has also spoken in favor of Bartonesque revisionist “Christian nation” history, and voiced his opposition to church-state separation:

No religion should dictate to the state nor should the state interfere with the free practice of religion. But in recent years, the notion of the separation of church and state has been taken by some well beyond its original meaning. They seek to remove from the public domain any acknowledgment of God. Religion is seen as merely a private affair with no place in public life. It is as if they are intent on establishing a new religion in America – the religion of secularism. They are wrong.

The founders proscribed the establishment of a state religion, but they did not countenance the elimination of religion from the public square. We are a nation ‘Under God’ and in God, we do indeed trust.

That is from a 2008 speech, the last time Romney ran for President. This time, he is studiously avoiding mention of social issues on his campaign site, instead putting forth vague policy statements about foreign policy, job creation, fiscal responsibility, and health care.

A site created by Romney supporters provides a broader view, with videos of Romney speeches to support policy positions.


Reproductive Rights: Believes life begins at conception; supports Constitutional amendment protecting lives of unborn (thus supports banning abortion); supports overturning Roe v. Wade; against embryo/stem cell research.

Same-Sex Marriage: Supports a Constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman; also supports domestic partnerships with health care and survivorship rights.

Sex Education: Supports abstinence education.

Foreign Policy: Uncritically supports Israel; favors working with moderate Muslims to reduce terrorism.

Past Primaries

Iowa Caucus
January 3, 2012
1/4/12 - Gingrich's Christian Right ass-kissing wasn't adequate in Iowa. He came in fourth, after Romney (surprise!) at 24.6%, Santorum (another surprise!) at 24.5%, and Paul (meh) at 21.4%.
New Hampshire Primary
January 10, 2012
1/11/2012 - Romney won handily, with 39.3%. The rest of the field was full of surprises. Paul came in second with 22.9%, and Huntsman finally got a little traction with his third-place showing of 16.9%. Santorum, with some Iowa bounce, has hit 9.4%, tying for fourth with Gingrich.

Huntsman dropped out after the New Hampshire primary. Perry dropped out two days before the South Carolina primary.
South Carolina Primary
January 21, 2012
1/21/2012 - Romney's solid lead in South Carolina evaporated in the last few days before the primary, and Gingrich handed him a wallop instead. Gingrich pulled 40.4% of the tally, with Romney in a distant second at 27.8%. Santorum took third at 17.0%, and Paul fourth at 13.0%.
Florida Primary
Jan 31
DEL: 50 - Winner takes all
1/31/2012 - Romney took all 50 delegates tonight, securing an unexpected 46.4% -- several points above his polling position in the last days of the campaign.

Newt Gingrich's distant second-place, at 31.9%, was a disappointment. Santorum came in third at 13.4%, and Ron Paul fourth with 7.0%. Neither Santorum nor Paul campaigned significantly in Florida.
Nevada Caucus
Feb 4
DEL: 28
2/5/2012 - Romney won this primary with 50% of the vote; Gingrich and Paul fought for second with 21% and 19%, respectively. Santorum came in at a distant fourth with 10% of the vote. Romney picked up 12 delegates; Gingrich and Paul, 4 each; Santorum, 2.
Colorado Caucus
Feb 7
DEL: 36
2/8/2012 - Santorum won Colorado with 40% to Romney's 35%. Gingrich and Paul effectively tied for third, at 13% and 12%, respectively.
Minnesota Caucus
Feb 7
DEL: 40
2/8/2012 - Santorum won with a landslide, 45% to Ron Paul's 27%. Romney came in third with 17%, and Gingrich last at 11%.
Missouri Primary
Feb 7
DEL: 0
2/8/2012 - While this primary offers no delegates -- they will be awarded at later party caucuses -- Santorum's win here provides greater momentum. Santorum 55%, Romney 25%, Paul 12%. Gingrich was not on the ballot.
Maine Caucus
Feb 4-11
DEL: 24
2/13/12 - Romney 39%, Paul 36%, Santorum 18%, Gingrich 6%. (84% of precincts reporting.)
Arizona Primary
Feb 28
DEL: 29
Romney 47%, Santorum 27%, Gingrich 16%, Paul 8.6%.
Michigan Primary
Feb 28
DEL: 30
Romney 41.1%, Santorum 37.9%, Paul 11.6%, Gingrich 6.5%.
Washington Caucus
Mar 3
DEL: 43
Romney 37.6%, Paul 24.8%, Santorum 23.8%, Gingrich 10.3%.
Alaska Caucus
Mar 6
DEL: 27
Super Tuesday
Romney 32.4%, Santorum 29.2%, Paul 24.0%, Gingrich 14.1%.
Georgia Primary
Mar 6
DEL: 76
Gingrich 47.2%, Romney 25.9%, Santorum 19.6%, Paul 6.6%.
Idaho Caucus
Mar 6
DEL: 32
Romney 61.6%, Santorum 18.2%, Paul 18.1%, Gingrich 2.1%.
Massachusetts Primary
Mar 6
DEL: 41
Romney 72.2%, Santorum 12.0%, Paul 9.5%, Gingrich 4.6%.
N Dakota Caucus
Mar 6
DEL: 28
Santorum 39.7%, Paul 28.1%, Romney 23.7%, Gingrich 4.6%.
Ohio Primary
Mar 6
DEL: 66
Romney 38%, Santorum 37.1%, Gingrich 14.6%, Paul 9.2%.
Oklahoma Primary
Mar 6
DEL: 43
Santorum 33.8%, Romney 28.0%, Gingrich 27.5%, Paul 9.6%.
Tennessee Primary
Mar 6
DEL: 58
Santorum 37.1%, Romney 28.1%, Gingrich 23.9%, Paul 9.0%.
Vermont Primary
Mar 6
DEL: 17
Romney 39.8%, Paul 25.5%, Santorum 23.7%, Gingrich 8.2%.
Virginia Primary
Mar 6
DEL: 49
Romney 59.5%, Paul 40.5%. Santorum and Gingrich did not make the ballot.
Wyoming Caucus
Mar 6-10
DEL: 29
Romney 39%, Santorum 32%, Paul 21%, Gingrich 8%.
Guam Caucus
Mar 10
DEL: 9
Romney, all votes of caucus-goers.
Kansas Caucus
Mar 10
DEL: 40
Santorum 51%, Romney 21%, Gingrich 14%, Paul 13%.
US Virgin Islands Caucus
Mar 10
DEL: 9
Romney 34%, Paul 29%, Uncommitted 26%, Santorum 6%, Gingrich 5%.
Alabama Primary
Mar 13
DEL: 50
Santorum 35%, Gingrich 29%, Romney 29%, Paul 5%.
Hawaii Primary
Mar 13
DEL: 20
Romney 44%, Santorum 25%, Paul 19%, Gingrich 11%.
Mississippi Primary
Mar 13
DEL: 40
Effectively a three-way tie. Santorum 33%, Gingrich 31%, Romney 31%, Paul 4%.
Missouri Caucus
Mar 17
DEL: 52
Santorum 55%, Romney 25%, Paul 12%, Uncommitted 4%. Gingrich not on ballot.
Puerto Rico Primary
Mar 18
DEL: 23
Romney 83%. Yes, 83%. Amazing that the candidate who hasn't insulted Hispanic voters did well in PR. Santorum 8%, Gingrich 2%, Paul 1%.
Illinois Primary
Mar 20
DEL: 69
Romney 46.7%, Santorum 35.0%, Paul 9.3%, Gingrich 8.0%, Perry 0.6%.
Louisiana Primary
Mar 24
DEL: 46
Santorum 49.0%, Romney 26.7%, Gingrich 15.9%, Paul 6.1%, Perry 0.5%, Bachmann 0.3%, Huntsman 0.1%.
DC Primary
Apr 3
DEL: 19
Romney, 70.2%; Paul 12.0%; Gingrich 10.7%; Santorum 0.0%
Maryland Primary
Apr 3
DEL: 37
Romney 49.2%; Santorum 28.9%; Gingrich 10.9%; Paul 9.5%.
Wisconsin Primary
Apr 3
DEL: 42
Romney 44.1%; Santorum 36.9%; Paul 11.2%; Gingrich 5.9%.
Connecticut Primary
Apr 24
DEL: 28
Romney, 67.4%; Paul 13.5%; Gingrich, 10.3%; Santorum 6.9%.
Delaware Primary
Apr 24
DEL: 17
Romney , 56.5%; Gingrich, 27.1%; Paul, 10.6%; Santorum 5.9%.
New York Primary
Apr 24
DEL: 95
Romney, 62.4%; Paul, 15.7%; Gingrich 12.9%; Santorum 9.0%.
Pennsylvania Primary
Apr 24
DEL: 72
Romney, 58.0%; Santorum, 18.3%; Paul, 13.2%; Gingrich, 10.5%.
Rhode Island Primary
Apr 24
DEL: 19
Romney, 63.2%; Paul, 23.9%; Gingrich, 6.1%; Santorum, 5.7%.
Indiana Primary
May 8
DEL: 27
Romney, 65%; Paul, 16%; Santorum, 13%; Gingrich, 6%.
N Carolina Primary
May 8
DEL: 55
Romney, 66%; Paul, 11%; Santorum, 10%; Gingrich, 8%.
W Virginia Primary
May 8
DEL: 31
Romney, 70%; Santorum, 12%; Paul, 11%; Gingrich, 6%.
Nebraska Primary
May 15
DEL: 35
Romney 70.9%; Santorum, 14.0%; Paul, 10.0%; Gingrich, 5.2%.
Oregon Primary
May 15
DEL: 28
Romney, 72.1%; Paul, 12.9%; Santorum, 9.5%; Gingrich, 5.5%.
Arkansas Primary
May 22
DEL: 36
Romney, 68.3%; Paul, 13.4%; Santorum, 13.3%; Gingrich, 4.9%.
Kentucky Primary
May 22
DEL: 45
Romney, 66.8%; Paul, 12.5%; Santorum, 8.9%; Gingrich, 5.9%; Anybody But These Clowns, 5.9%.

6 Responses to Mitt Romney – Bio and Updates

  1. That is really funny. We already have one as a President of the United States. And we had one for the last President also. We have plenty of dishonest and corrupt people in both parties. Why don't you dig into that also? I find it interesting you seem to be spending your time only with the Republican party? It's both side that need to clean house.

    • John, I agree that both sides need to clean house. However, the Republican party is the only one with a primary coming up before 2012. Nobody is running against Obama. There will be an Obama page in time; right now I'm focusing on the front-running Republicans. Following this week's debate, I imagine the field will start to narrow.

    • @John M – That is really boring, To use a "tu quoque" fallacy is stupider that a fifth grader. This article is about one person running for President of USA, not their party vs the other party. I will look forward to Mike Daniels's article on Obama.

  2. For your information for alot of Americans "We are not a nation ‘Under God’ and in God, we do not indeed trust." and we don't for the most part mind that you believe until you interupt our lives with your beliefs. Faith should be something that you do in private with others that believe not something you enforce on others so that you can feel good about your faith.

  3. Mitt Romney for president?

    • Yes Carl..let's go all the way with Mitt Romney..i know America will be in good hands with was said " let's not vote nor reject him just because of his religion".. i know he has the moral and political standard to bring America back to the right course and its divine destiny..

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