This Bill of Rights Day, Ask the Obama Administration to Respect Religious Freedom

Happy Bill of Rights Day! Today marks the 220th anniversary of its ratification. Last week, the President issued a proclamation celebrating the occasion and the vital freedoms protected by the document.

The proclamation begins:

“On December 15, 1791, the United States adopted the Bill of Rights, enshrining in our Constitution the protection of our inalienable freedoms, from the right to speak our minds and worship as we please to the guarantee of equal justice under the law. For 220 years, these fundamental liberties have shaped our national character and stirred the souls of all who dream of a freer, more just world. As we mark this milestone, we renew our commitment to preserving our universal rights and perfecting our Union.”

The White House plans to tweet in honor of the milestone today under the hashtag #freetotweet.

At Americans United, we celebrate and continually strive to protect the rights enshrined by the First Amendment’s Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses. As the White House commemorates Bill of Rights Day, we want you to join us in reminding the Administration to uphold these rights and asking them to stop federally funded employment discrimination. As you know, the Faith-Based Initiative permits religious organizations to take federal funds and discriminate on the basis of religion. President Obama promised to end this practice while on the campaign trail, but has yet to fix these Bush-era policies.

Join Americans United today in tweeting to the President asking him to truly celebrate and honor the Bill of Rights and end federally funded religious discrimination.

Don’t forget to include the hashtag #freetotweet! You can use some of these samples for ideas:

@whitehouse Stand by the Bill of Rights today and end federally funded religious discrimination! #freetotweet

@whitehouse I should be free to worship (or not) AND work for government-funded programs. End Faith-Based discrimination! #freetotweet

@whitehouse #freetotweet but not free to work without fear of religious discrimination. Fix the Faith-Based Initiative today.

@whitehouse Protect MY rights today under the Constitution. Fix the Faith-Based Initiative, Mr. President. #freetotweet

2 Responses to This Bill of Rights Day, Ask the Obama Administration to Respect Religious Freedom

  1. I have no doubt Christianity will declare outspoken Atheistm to be a force of Terrorism in their eyes after the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 passes. Classic Christian/Catholic Justice: Step 1: Imprison indefinitely. Step 2: Torture. And they just got a Bill that allows them to do it in our own Country.

  2. Religious freedom? How about habeas corpus? How about the 4th amendment? In areas covered by the Bill of Rights, the Obama administration has been pretty much as bad, or worse the Bush II.

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