Local Option Error: N.J. Gov. says school boards can promote Creationism

If it were left up to Gov. Chris Christie, public education in New Jersey would be a free-for-all.

At a town hall in Manalapan, N.J., last week, Christie said he believes public school districts should get to determine whether to teach creationism in science classes because that’s a decision that should be made “at the local level.”

When asked at a press conference yesterday about this issue again, Christie reiterated his stance.

“Evolution is required teaching,” Christie said. “If there’s a certain school district that also wants to teach creationism, that’s not something we should decide in Trenton.”

So if the public school district in Manalapan wants to teach 2 +2 = 5, I guess that would be okay with Christie, too. After all, who cares about what’s accurate, so long as school districts have the autonomy to teach whatever they fancy.

All I can say is that if I lived in Jersey, I wouldn’t want a dime of my tax money paying for a school that teaches inaccurate arithmetic. And I definitely wouldn’t want my taxes to fund religious education as part of science class, either.

I think most Americans feel the same way. (I just answered this poll about the issue on NJ.com, and an overwhelming 89 percent of voters agree that New Jersey public schools should not be allowed to teach creationism.)

I guess Christie misread the public on that one, as well as decades of legal precedent.

The U.S. Supreme Court, on more than one occasion, has ruled that creationism is a religious concept and does not belong in the public school science curriculum. The Religious Right and its lawmaker allies may not like it, but our Constitution prevents public schools from indoctrinating children in religious concepts, period.

It’s foolish of Christie to suggest that school officials and boards should have the right to inject religion into science education. We have seen this doesn’t go over well.

Texas has been a prime example. Last year, the far-right bloc on the elected state board of education voted to weaken science education and opened the door for religious concepts to be introduced as part of the Texas science curriculum.

Who knows how far back this will set Texas students – and state taxpayers, who will end up paying for costly litigation if school officials adopt an unconstitutional curriculum.  Does Christie want that to happen in New Jersey, too?

Instead of encouraging local school boards to violate the Constitution, governors should be supporting sound science education and a strong public school system.

4 Responses to Local Option Error: N.J. Gov. says school boards can promote Creationism

  1. Secularists should push for similarly erroneous teachings, to put in perspective just how insane the notion really is. The problem is that religions grow primarily by three means: 1 – Indoctrinate youth before they possess the faculties necessary to question what they're taught, and if they do, ensure you have the authority to punish them accordingly if it occurs. With hopes that they one day reproduce and recontribute to this cycle. 2 – Recruit adults and teens who have already been pre-trained to accept radical promises, and dismiss rational thought by another religion. With hopes that they reproduce and contribute to #1. 3 – Scare rational, although undecided, minds into giving the ideas credence, and capitalize on it by appealing to their sense of belonging through fellowship, and natural desire for answers, no matter how imaginative they may be. With hopes that they reproduce and contribute to #1. They all lead back to #1. If religious institutions can simply skip over all the acceptance, and feed it directly into the minds of children regardless of whether or not their parents subscribe to much less request it, then that gives them a serious edge over the competition. That said, I believe that instilling our youth with ignorance, distorting their perception of reality, and diminishing their sense of Self should all be considered crimes against humanity, and should be treated accordingly.

  2. I think all this new Legislation in Tn,NC,NJ ,and else where is a desperate reaction on the part of the Faithful they are seeing religion ,and they're God becoming less relevant in modern times.Churches all across America are closing ,and Mega Wal-mart churches are simply circling the wagons ,and rounding up stray sheep.

  3. Christie's not going to run? How could he lose with CHRIST in his first and last name?

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