“Bad Faith” awards — Vote today!

The New Humanist has opened voting for its annual “Bad Faith” awards, and you can vote online!

The “Bad Faith” award honors the person who has most horribly misused or abused his or her religion in the past year. Sponsored by the British New Humanist magazine, there’s definitely a Brit twist to the candidates. Cherie Blair’s sister, Prince Charles, and Pastor Terry Jones may be familiar to Americans, but many of the others will be unknowns.

Never fear, the magazine has thoughtfully provided a brief synopsis of each candidate’s trip down Crazy Lane for your review and consideration.

After a nomination period that saw you put forward those you feel have made the most egregious contributions to irrationalism and superstition during the course of this year, we’ve whittled them down to a shortlist of eight. Now all that’s left for you to do is vote for the person you think should take the Bad Faith crown from last year’s winner, Pope Benedict XVI.

The poll and list are available HERE.

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