AFTAH’s anti-gay “Truth Academy” – the “spies” report

LaBarbera speaks.

As you may recall, we attempted — without success — to work with Peter LaBarbera to place a reporter at his “Truth Academy”, where he purported to be teaching young adults the “truth about homosexuality”.

LaBarbera set up his closed-door “academy” with the requirement that all attendees must be able to prove, with references, that they shared his belief that “homosexuality is immoral and that the GLBT movement is destructive to America and a direct threat to our religious freedom.” Presenter Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute wailed that “Friendly Atheist” Hemant Mehta was sending “spies” into the event.

Seems Mehta was successful in getting not one, but two observers in the door . . . and two other bloggers had the same idea. It’s also pretty clear that the expectation of a three-day gay-bash was right on the mark.

Mehta’s two “plants” provided a detailed, three-part review of the event; one got removed for part of the second day, but the other remained through to the bitter end.

The gory details:

First day, commentary from Perry and Maria.

Second day, commentary from both, but Maria is asked to leave before the “post-prop-8 strategy session” as she is found out as a ‘gay sympathizer’. Someone from “Truth Wins Out” was ejected earlier during the day, and wrote very briefly about his experience here. Perry reports on the Prop 8 discussion, which sounds more like a complaint session about “corruption within the Alliance Defense Fund” and a need to “defend more than just the word ‘marriage’.”

Third day, Maria misses her train and arrives late after LaBarbera falsely claims she lied to get in and was a pro-gay activist. She manages to turn his false claim into a positive when asked by an attendee whether she thought gay people would allow anti-gay people to attend their conferences.

The notes from Perry and Maria are thorough, laying out what happened in each session. You can judge for yourself the intent behind the event.

The fourth “spy” — of between 40 and 45 attendees, it seems 10% were “spies” — has blogged about her experience here.

It seems that, for all his attempts to keep the doors closed, LaBarbera only encouraged people who oppose his obsessive agenda to find a way in and to display the ignorance, hatred, paranoia, and increasing irrelevance of his gay-bashing movement for all to see.

2 Responses to AFTAH’s anti-gay “Truth Academy” – the “spies” report

  1. Here are some audio-tapes of the conference from Truth Wins Out:…

  2. This so-called "truth academy" is anything BUT the truth. Simply put, it's more lyin' for jesus. I'm glad the 'spies' had the willpower and fortitude to sit through such a filthy display. I don't think I could have been as patient or as quiet.

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