Minnesota GOP’s would-be Governor: Anti-gay, anti-Semitic group “good people”

Tom Emmer

Minnesota’s GOP gubernatorial candidate openly supports and donates to an anti-gay and anti-Semitic Christian “ministry”, calling them “good people”.

Tom Emmer is a GOP candidate for Governor of Minnesota. He’s supported by right-wing luminary Michele Bachmann. But whom does Emmer support? He donates money to, and hangs out with, and publicly supports, one Bradlee Dean.

Recently, we told you about stealth Evangelical organizations which enter schools under the pretense of teaching students about bullying, suicide, drug abuse, or other life issues, then turn to preaching about Jesus. One such organization is “You Can Run But You Can’t Hide International”, which uses the band “Junkyard Prophet” to target teens.

Their About Us page mentions nothing about religion, and their outline of their event offers commentary about drugs, sex, suicide, freedom, and the Constitution. It takes a little more digging to get to the meat of the matter.

Bradlee Dean’s blog is a bizarre mishmash of rants against the people he hates. He seems even to miss the mark on his own theology:

May 29, 2010, “Atheist vs. Godly“, compares Max Juke, an atheist, and Jonathan Edwards, a Christian, and their descendants. Apparently, all of Juke’s descendants were criminals, drunkards, and leeches on society, while all of Edwards’ descendants were successful, upstanding citizens. Here’s a review of the Jukes/Edwards story. The original book upon which Dean’s blog post is based in no way indicates that Juke (not Jukes, as Dean and most who forward the story miswrite) was an atheist; this is a fabrication. Richard Dugdale’s book on the Juke family (not their real name) intended to demonstrate the power of heredity; that is, the foundational belief behind eugenics. Aren’t Christians supposed to be against eugenics, as based upon Darwinian evolution?

Dean’s assumption, as is that of many others who quote this manipulated and mutilated tale, is that faith, or lack thereof, led to the success or failure of these two families, and this can be extrapolated to all of society. If this is the case, why aren’t the bulk of prisoners atheists?

June 28, 2010. “Homosexuality a Mental Illness?” Dean demonizes homosexuals. A few selections:

Then these homosexuals have the audacity to call the preaching of God’s Law, “hate crimes.” This will only last with the people as long as it is tolerated! If not, God will deal with it in a way man wished he had dealt with it.

It is interesting to note how the homosexual community takes on the rainbow for its symbol and its meaning of peace with God. This is nothing new. Satan often attempts to pervert the meaning of God’s word and truth through perverted people.

The Lord saw fit to warn the people two different times, in Leviticus 18:22 and Leviticus 20:13, against the abominable act of homosexuality (rightly called “crimes against nature”). The very reason judgment was brought against the earth was because of these abominations before God. But instead of taking heed to why God brought the judgment, the homosexuals overlook it and then pervert God’s very meaning.

Dean has been quoted elsewhere telling his followers to “enforce God’s law” against homosexuals on their own. In the video below, Dean says:

Muslims are calling for the execution of homosexuals in America. They seem to be more moral than even the American Christians do . . . They know homosexuality is an abomination.

Most recently, Dean posted about “What Happens to Those Who Crucified Christ“, pushing the misguided idea that all Jewish people are responsible for the execution of Jesus of Nazareth . . . which, according to the Bible, was the fulfillment of God’s Plan. He has pushed the same notion on his radio broadcast recently.

(You can hear more of Bradlee Dean’s radio broadcasts, in which he condemns Jews and homosexuals, here.)

These are the sorts of things Dean and his “ministry” want to teach high school students at their assemblies. Tom Emmer thinks Bradlee Dean and his fellow proponents of jailing and executing homosexuals are “good people”. So does Minnesota’s favorite right-winger, Michele Bachmann.

Who else does Tom Emmer think is “good people”?

Thanks to Ken Avidor for the tip!

8 Responses to Minnesota GOP’s would-be Governor: Anti-gay, anti-Semitic group “good people”

  1. I want to vomit.

  2. avatar demandequality

    Ask Emmer if he denies the information in this article http://www.facebook.com/emmerforgovernor http://twitter.com/tomemmer

  3. just defeat the radical fascist this november, and put the bigots in the closet

  4. I am strongly in favor of gay rights, but I have to say: this article, whether purposefully or not, is pretty misleading in a fundamental way. Particularly for interested people in other states who might now know Emmer's name, the fact that "Tom Emmer" only appears twice in the article (at the end), and once toward the beginning as a photo caption, could easily mislead people into mistaking Bradley Dean for the candidate. Obviously, Dean is a wingnut, but he's not the candidate. Sure, it's a problem if the candidate himself associates with wingnuts, but this article could (and should) be much clearer as to what Emmer is directly guilty of and what he's not. I hated it when conservatives did this to Obama with Ayers and Wright, and so I don't feel right about letting it slide here.

    • might NOT know Emmer's name, that is. My bad. Anyway, to clarify: maybe not 90% "Dean is nuts", and 10% "Emmer knows him", but something closer to 50/50?

    • You make an excellent point, thank you. You are right, the article launches into describing who Dean is without adequate background to explain why Dean is being described. I’ve added this as the second paragraph, to clarify the article a bit:

      Tom Emmer is a GOP candidate for Governor of Minnesota. He’s supported by right-wing luminary Michele Bachmann. But whom does Emmer support? He donates money to, and hangs out with, and publicly supports, one Bradlee Dean.

      The video attached to the article also talks about Emmer’s relationship with, and support of, Dean.

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