Christians slam Obama for “gaying up” Father’s Day

Two prominent Christian Right organizations attacked President Obama for “promoting the radical homosexual agenda” in his Father’s Day proclamation.

As part of his Sunday proclamation, Obama included a reference to “two fathers”:

Nurturing families come in many forms, and children may be raised by a father and mother, a single father, two fathers, a step father, a grandfather, or caring guardian.

Tim Wildmon, president of the far-right American Family Association, responded with hyperbolic terror. “This is the first time in our nation’s history that a president has used Father’s Day as an excuse to promote the radical homosexual agenda and completely redefine the word ‘family,’” exclaimed Wildmon. “Virtually all Americans have the common sense to recognize that children need both a mother and a father. But here we have the leader of our nation and the Democratic Party celebrating sexual behavior which is contrary to nature and pushing a household structure that we know is harmful to children.”

Wildmon continued, “. . . our president is so committed to normalizing homosexual conduct that he is putting the twisted sexual desires of adults ahead of the needs of children.”

Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council, a Christian organization which focuses much of its energy on combating the “gay agenda”, joined in. “If he’s going to mention the partner of a father at all, it should be to note that children do best with their own married mother and father, and the best thing that a father can do for his child is to marry the mother of that child,” says the FRC spokesman.

White House press secretary Bill Burton responded to the criticism, pointing out that Obama sought to be inclusive of all families, and noting that he similarly referenced “two mothers” in his Mother’s Day proclamation.

You may recall the Family Research Council for its recent foray into the tabloids, when co-founder and lead researcher for its anti-gay programs George Rekers was “nailed” hiring a male prostitute to accompany him on trips and provide “sensual massages”.

11 Responses to Christians slam Obama for “gaying up” Father’s Day

  1. So much "love" coming from these "traditional" families, eh?

  2. Funny how he defines the only "real" family as a mother and a father, then goes right on to only have a problem with two fathers, not single parents. If you're going to spout meaningless bullshit, at least make it consistent meaningless bullshit. And oh boy, the good ol' "contrary to nature" argument. Pick up a fucking book once in a while, you moron. Anyone who isn't wilfully blinding themselves should know by now that homosexuality is quite prevalent in nature, and in lots of different species. That's a blatant lie – although not quite as insane as the following one about "knowing it is harmful to children". Jeez, how do these people even get airtime?

  3. These people are far more "harmful to children" than Obama could be on his worst day.

  4. Studies show that gay parents are just as good as their hetero homologues. Yet these religious individuals keep bashing these families because it isn't in accordance to their views. Which is more harmful to the child? A loving parent, or a stranger that bashes them on reasons that have nothing to do with the reality of the situation?

    • Studies show that people are BORN heterosexual and a persons homosexuality is an attempt to repair an emotional need. Homosexual people think of themselves and not the child they purchase. There is no book that says homosexual behaviour is natural – you may find examples in nature that displays TEMPORARY homosexual behaviour in extreme situations only.

      • Funny how the APA has said otherwise since the 70s. Oh wait – I forgot that massive groups of professional Psychologists don't know as much about emotional needs as you do. If you want to quote studies, name them. I would argue that gay people think of both themselves AND the child they "purchase(better than getting one you don't want by accident – at least they have to sacrifice something to have kids)." Just like straight couples – unless you're going to try and tell me that straight people don't have kids for selfish reasons (like "I want kids.") Your claim that homosexual behavior in nature is temporary is bogus. Try the studies linked here…. Plenty of gay penguins – and oh, those mate for life generally. I'm sure the joke has been made before, but being a Free Thinker doesn't mean that you should think yourself free from evidentiary standards.

        • But Wilson, you do realise the APA has sold its soul – the political has won over professionalism and true science. The SSA Report published by the APA Task Force was an obvious outcome when they only admitted pro gay activist psychologists to the task force and rejected all submissions from other professional psychologists who differed from them. Penguins revert to their natural instincts – as seen even in an unnatural environment that you put forward as a zoo. Linda the penguin wins over her male penguin. Free thinkers seek truth.

      • Which studies? Citations, please. I would suggest that religious folk who wish to fight the adoption of children by gay people would rather see the children languish in orphanages than find adoptive parents who might give them a chance at a decent life, due to their own prejudice. I would further suggest that religious folk are thinking of their own bigotry and not the well-being of children. Please demonstrate that there "are no books" saying homosexual behavior is natural in other animals. I seem to recall a zoo with a long-term male penguin couple, whom they'd repeatedly tried to mate with females to no success. How is that an "extreme situation", when there are ready and willing females and the males ignore them, then try to steal eggs to raise together?

  5. Im sorry, did you have the word Christian in your title? What a silly thing, christians and slamming. Hows that love thy neighbor as thyself thing coming for them I wonder?

  6. Studies show that people are BORN heterosexual and a persons homosexuality is an attempt to repair an emotional need. Where were those studies performed – at Liberty U.?

  7. Yes, me taking a cock in my ass in an attempt to "repair an emotional need" — not because I love the feel of huge fucking cocks, you fucking cunt.

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