Deepak Chopra Claims He Caused Baja Quake by Meditating

Deepak Chopra, woo guru extraordinaire, accepted blame for the 7.2-magnitude earthquake in Baja California via Twitter. Seriously.

Tweeted this twit to his 179,000 followers:

Had a powerful meditation just now – caused an earthquake in Southern California.
3:56 PM Apr 4th via TweetDeck

Was meditating on Shiva mantra & earth began to shake. Sorry about that
3:59 PM Apr 4th via TweetDeck

Om Shanti
4:11 PM Apr 4th via TweetDeck

@Whitemoon7 Wont do it again–promise
4:22 PM Apr 4th via TweetDeck in reply to Whitemoon7

Even some of his followers took it (and maybe him?) as a joke:

Explosion ?RT @juliojose: RT @Xulen: @DeepakChopra Was meditating & earth began to shake.WONDER WHAT WOULD’VE HAPPENED IF HE FARTED
7:59 PM Apr 4th via TweetDeck

But there is no indication that Chopra was anything but serious.

Later, Chopra twits this twaddle:

Some people were upset at my remarks re earthquake. Sorry about that. I was actually meditating when it happenned and thougt” Whoaaa!”
6:14 AM Apr 5th via mobile web

He then returns followers to his usual idiocy:

Question from my friend @shekharkapur to a scientist” How do you measure the universe from inside the universe?” My answer: Dance !
about 19 hours ago via TweetDeck

Its the reality. The in body experience is a hallucination RT @Peace2All4Ever: @DeepakChopra sometimes I have out of body experiences. Why?
about 18 hours ago via TweetDeck

When my intentions are whole, I am inspired (in touch with Spirit) + enthused (in touch with divine intelligence). I can transform my life!
about 17 hours ago via TweetDeck

Love is the most powerful healing force. It creates its own biology & restores self repair mechanisms thru gene regulation
about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck

Read more of this imbecile at

Interestingly enough, Chopra hasn’t made a move yet to atone for the damages he has caused. Two are presently dead and hundreds injured; thousands have no power. Why isn’t Chopra offering to cough up the cash for emergency repairs?

Will the Mexican government be able to successfully sue Chopra for damages?

Will this story make the front page of the Huff n Puff Post, where Chopra spreads his woo?

13 Responses to Deepak Chopra Claims He Caused Baja Quake by Meditating

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  2. He was joking. Sheesh.

    • So . . . Deepak Chopra teaches that you can use the power of your mind to impact the surrounding world on an atomic level. An earthquake happens and he claims responsibility, which is perfectly in line with what he teaches. You say he was joking, though he gave no indication it was a joke. So, instead of being a delusional woo-loving whackjob who believes he can impact the material world with his thoughts, which is what he teaches, he’s instead an asshole who makes jokes about causing millions in damages and killing and injuring people. Does that about sum it up, Jaxxon?

  3. Somebody Chopra Dbag's head! I am sick of his money-making woowoo!

  4. So they will be suing him for it then? I mean if he is claiming responsibility he should be put away and all his cash should go to the people he has hurt.

    • Exactly. If he is taking responsibility he should be paying for the damages. Shouldn't there be criminal charges as well?

      • Is killing people illegal these days? Hmm, I guess it is. Then yes! Doesn't this make Deepak Chopra a terrorist?

  5. avatar No Guy in the sky

    What a retard!

  6. More delusional gibberish from a warped personality who falsely believes he has mentally acquired the powers of a non-existent boogyman in the twilight zone.

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  8. Very obviously a joke, but haters are always gonna hate…sadly…

    • What part of Chopra’s comments did you find funny? Why didn’t he ever declare it a joke, or apologize for his “humor” about the deaths of hundreds?

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